Manned Guarding

Our guards are carefully selected, fully vetted, well trained, highly motivated and very disciplined to ensure high levels of efficiency, discipline and integrity. They include Ex- GSU, Ex-Police, and Ex- NYS officers who have clean letters of discharge from their former employers and members of the public whom we train.

Intelligent Patrol System

newgtmNO MORE SLEEPING ON THE JOB!!!!!!!! . We liaise with JWM Hi-Tech to offer you the perfect solution to this perennial problem “GUARD TOUR SYSTEM”. The system revolutionizes service delivery and service assurance for deploying security personnel. We are able to know in real-time that our guards have arrived on shift at the right time, and are completing their expected patrols and hence are delivering high levels of quality services . We are therefore able to  ensure and assure efficiency ,effectiveness of our guards and also facilitate fas response during emergencies.

Alarm Systems

alarmThe threat of fire and theft is a constant worry for businesses and home owners. Our clients’ premises, fixed assets and confidential information are large investments whose damage or loss, can cause major disruption. While the probability can never be determined, our high quality alarm systems are designed to detect and alarm in any emergency case. We have trouble free intruder alarm systems. In support of these systems we have well equipped back –up cars for fast response in  distress cases. 

Closed Circuit Television

cctvWe have a wide range of CCTV camera models to cater for variety of security needs and situations. Our cameras have come in handy to help our clients in both fighting and preventing crime on their home and business premises. We aim to help our clients avoid the risk of burglary, vandalism as well as theft of data and personal information. 


Private Investigations

We have a team of professionals who are trained to analyze information to solve mysteries and uncover facts. They offer our clients the best services in pre-employment screening, backgrounds investigation, identifying theft, cyber harassment, copyright violations, insurance fraud, missing persons ,child protection and custody disputes.

Fleet Tracking and Management System

newtrack4Whether you want to find your car, motorbike,  moving asset or truck; simply use our tracking device and you will know where it is by checking from our online plaform or by SMS to your mobile phone. This is made possible by using our tracking device which is designed to work with any GSM phone. With this service you get security of what you are tracking and peace of mind. You also get instant notifications through phone & listen to the surroundings with the remote microphone.It also features  a camera that allows you to take  a photo of the sorroundings.

Dog Patrol Unit

newdogOur dog unit comprises of fierce well-trained German shepherd, Doberman, Great Dane and Rottweiler dogs among others with experienced dog handlers. This service will be provided on demand. Their role is to detect and protect our clients and their assets from threatening territorial intruders. They are trained to confront, bite, bark and even fight an intruder. You therefore do not have to worry as they ensure top security for your home or business premises.

Electric Fences 

newelecOur electric security fences can be mounted on the wall or as a stand-alone perimeter fence. It offers a physical barrier that delays the intrusion time through a high electric voltage shock to intruders. It also provides a higher level of detection capability to detect an intrusion attempt and set off the alarm, which is then transmitted to our security personnel.

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