The most important things in life are priceless. Security being one of them, both for your home and business is like health, without it you cannot truly enjoy the fruits of your labor. This is one area of your life that must not be left to chance, WHY? NO amount of Insurance money can ever replace the loss of a home, loved one, or the possessions you have worked so hard for. They are emotionally part of your very being.

Unfortunately the odds to security in Kenya are high and the current insecurity trends in our country will confirm this. According to police records a residence is broken into every 10 seconds. Worse, break-ins often do not stop at burglary. Criminal attacks now include home invasions, armed robbery, kidnappings, carjacking, homicide, and even assaults whose statistics are steadily rising over the past few years. What is worse is that security threats have extended to mass shootings and terrorism. The police have chilling figures to support that too!

The chances of stopping these crimes is raised by the presence of a security guard, CCTV surveillance, electric perimeter fencing, automatic access control , car tracking devices and even a dog patrol unit. A recent survey showed that intrusions and burglaries are 400% less likely to occur at homes and business premises armed with either of these security systems. The security odds now look better when you consider that 85% of police chiefs surveyed support these security systems as a deterrent to insecurity threats. These threats to our families and businesses are both real and critical demanding priority attention. This is where we PADA SECURITY AND ALARM SYSTEMS come in to offer solutions to these imminent problems.

The first thing most victims do following a crime is to acquire a security system. Unfortunately usually too late one might say. Residential and business insecurity statistics are grim and getting worse. YOU have the perfect opportunity to learn from these mistakes by not waiting. Act Now!!

Be safe and let us worry for you!



Our Mision

To be a market responsive world-class security and related services solution provider within the East African Region.

Our Vision

To develop and provide for our esteemed customers well integrated and highly responsive securityand safety services when and where they need them.

Our Core Values


Customer focus


Continuous improvement


We are among the founding members of the Private Security Industry Assosiation 

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